About the One-Eyed Chick

My name is Jennifer. I have taken a fairly ridiculous and accidental path to becoming a librarian. I suppose you could argue that I am in the end-game, though my bet is that it’s far from over. I have been married for seven years.  I’m in grad school now.. and this blog is part of a class. I am enrolled at the University of Oklahoma, though I live in Oklahoma City. I am collecting, at this point, a truly terrifying amount of school loan debt, so this must be my final round of education. I’m fairly certain that the 50 different kinds of jobs I can get with this degree will be enough options. But you might check back here in two years.


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  • Playing God

    I wrote in one of my posts here that I thought of authors as God when I was a kid. And now I'm putting MY random thoughts out there for general edification. heh. Karma. As a job, being God is kind of intimidating. Thank (God) only adults are reading this. (I hope.) That way, I only have to be intimidated about being, say, a lesser cherub.