the power of the bloggers

really interesting article by the guy tha came up with the phrase web 2.o …

particularly fascinating is the take he’s got on blogging … how personal web pages and online journaling have been around forever but that the RSS feed technology has made journaling 2.0 (blogging) so important in the model of today’s internet .. the echo of blogger’s and their link-posting .. the trackbacking … the references to other bloggers’ posts “to infinity and beyond.. ond.. ond.”

all making bloggers inordinantly responsible for search engine results .. which fuel everything.

Just a small one since I’ve done this three times already today… My librarian is the only teacher i can remember in elementary school (all 6 of them that i attended) dressing up for halloween.  I know this must be wrong.  But the fact that I remember it that way says something.


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  • Playing God

    I wrote in one of my posts here that I thought of authors as God when I was a kid. And now I'm putting MY random thoughts out there for general edification. heh. Karma. As a job, being God is kind of intimidating. Thank (God) only adults are reading this. (I hope.) That way, I only have to be intimidated about being, say, a lesser cherub.