What of it?

Here’s what.  I already had a blog – a fairly new one and my first.  But something I’ve gotten into.  However, this blog will be more or less focused on the subject of how i became a librarian in 40 years or less, the little challenges and epiphanies of that, and any generally related (or REALLY generally related) off-shoots of that. 

I may talk about a movie I’ve seen once in a while and I may talk about the intricacies and frustrations of carpentry.  You may find here a late-night diatribe on how ridiculously frustrating the paperwork of grad school can be or you may just find something funny my grandmother told me.

Hopefully, you will never be bored. 


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  1. Hardly bored! Really DID like your Krug Report prototype, and it is making me think about the value of just having Creative Commons material etc. so that we could move much more in that direction. You really did “save the time of the reader” there!

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  • Playing God

    I wrote in one of my posts here that I thought of authors as God when I was a kid. And now I'm putting MY random thoughts out there for general edification. heh. Karma. As a job, being God is kind of intimidating. Thank (God) only adults are reading this. (I hope.) That way, I only have to be intimidated about being, say, a lesser cherub.