This was the first thing…

…. i remember about my path to being a librarian. 

I was in 3rd grade.  My favorite place in the world was the school library.  I loved reading with my whole young soul.  We had two days a year when the librarian (a VERY old lady of I’m sure at least 40) would set out tables adn line them with books.  A book fair?  Nope.  She was letting all the kids come through, one by one, and pick out a FREE book of their very own.  I still have some of those earliest paperbacks.  I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world to do.  She strikes me, in retrospect, as very smart and very kind.  If a bit strict.  

I also remember thinking that it would be so cool to have a job where they paid you to read all day.  ….. Yeah, well.  Like I said, I was in 3rd grade.   



  1. Free books! Yeah! If anything can entice kids into the world of librarianship, it’s that. I loved book fairs as a kid and I think I remember getting a few free books at some point too. Your school librarian sounds a lot like mine…at the time, she wasn’t always my favorite person, but she always read us great books, like Bunnicula. And every year she showed us a slide show of her trip to China.

  2. Oh by the way, up until recently I also that working in a library meant I’d get to sit at a desk and read when I wasn’t helping patrons. How wrong I was…

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  • Playing God

    I wrote in one of my posts here that I thought of authors as God when I was a kid. And now I'm putting MY random thoughts out there for general edification. heh. Karma. As a job, being God is kind of intimidating. Thank (God) only adults are reading this. (I hope.) That way, I only have to be intimidated about being, say, a lesser cherub.